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Contemporary Man Giving Presentation Fundraising Service 01 With rich knowledge about how VC evaluating startup, and comprehensive investors database, we are confident to help founders to work out best business plan and do the heavy lifting of the pitch in scale. Young man calling by cellphone Leads Generation Service 02 Right audience, right timing, right approach People hand write on whiteboard closeup blur colors post-it paper background Content Marketing Service 03 Unlimited Design & Copywriting Requests at Fixed Monthly Rate Young team of coworkers making great work discussion in modern c Intelligence & Research Service 04 Our market intelligence and market research are focusing on critical information for decision making and business development. We do the heavy lifting of the time-consuming work. Businessman discussing on white board with coworkers Strategy Consulting Service 05 Peter Drucker believed that the purpose of the strategy was to enable an organization to achieve its desired results in an unpredictable environment. With strategy, we seek to move firmly into the area of doing rather than planning. Couple of business people planning Business Development Service 06 Start from marketing, Go beyond marketing Male and female executives discussing over bulletin board Campaign Management Service 07 Before you have the system and workflow, we manage the marketing campaign for you. Planning, Executing, Tracking, Analysis corporate interview Multi-Channel Promotion Service 08 Maximize the impact

We are the who connects technologies and resources

3-Layer Growth-Hacking as a Service

Growth-Hacking Enabler Stack

Idea + Best Practice + Tech

How we achieve the goal

Service Category

Growth Strategy Consulting

Content Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Engagement Strategy
Partnership Strategy

Project & Campaign Management

Planning, managing and executing projects. Turning the strategy into reality

Creative & Content Creation

From Brand Identity and Key Messages to Visual and Video Creatives.

Multi-Channel Distribution & Promotion

Create massive yet accurate impact to target audience.

Audience & Partner Engagement

Be communal and personal, listen and answer, ensure high quality conversion.


  • Ideas
    • Growth hacking strategy
    • Initiatives
    • Vision & Mission
    • Key-Value Proposition
    • Content Strategy
    • Distribution Strategy
    • Engagement Strategy
    • Partnership Development Strategy
  • Insights
    • Pain-points Analysis
    • Focus groups
    • Surveys
    • Needs-based segmentation
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Analysis

Audience & Partner Engagement

  • Leads Generation
  • Community engagement
  • Influencers engagement
  • Partners engagement

Project & Campaign Management

  • Drive initiatives and work across multiple teams to ensure projects are completed within a desired scope and timeframe
  • Managing people as well as projects 
  • Rolling out best practices across a global team
  • Detail-oriented management
  • Identify and strategically delegate all tasks within a marketing campaign

Creative & Content Creation

  • Written
    • Brand identity / key messages
    • Sales Blurbs
    • Pitch Deck
    • Site content
    • Social presence 
    • Loyalty / email
    • Ad copy
    • Notifications
  • Visual
    • Visual identity
    • Site design
    • Infographics
    • Ad creatives
    • One-pager
  • Video
    • Vision / mission explainer
    • Product / service explainer
    • Testimonials
    • Interviews
    • Webinar
    • Live events

Multi-Channel Distribution & Promotion

  • Owned Channels
    • Own blog & content sites
    • SEO / ASO
    • SEM / ASM
    • Push notifications
    • In-app messaging
    • Meetup & community management
  • Paid Channels
    • Affiliate program management
    • Influencer marketing
    • Facebook/Twitter/Youtube etc.
    • Paid search
    • Ad networks
    • App stores
    • Mobile / desktop programmatic
  • Earned Channels
    • Influencers network
    • Marketing partners
    • Product / service partners & integrations
    • Going global
    • 3rd party events
    • Community involvement
    • Cross-sell
  • Offline Media
    • PR
    • TV buying
    • Outdoor buying
    • Print Buying
    • Radio Buying

Case Studies

Some Creatives We Have Made

Our content centric growth hacking cycle

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