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Startup GROWTH Hacking is the the key to Mindset GET STARTED Is for losers, Need You Competition Strategy GET STARTED of the day Matters Execution By the end GET STARTED

We help tech-startups grow

We are NOT another typical marketing agency, we are the incubator.

We earn the fortune through helping startups achieve bold growth goals:

Raise Money in 60 Days
Validate Product/Market Fit in 90 days
Build Predictable Sales Funnel in 90 days
Ready to Scale Up in 6 months
Design business model to trigger Network Effect

We build solutions

Pushing you to the next level

Pitch-in-Bulk (Fundraising Solution)​
Validation-in-Parallel, Sales-on-Demand
Training, BPO, System Build-up

With our growth-hacking framework
and systematic approach

Why Us?

Why it’s hard to find a better choice than us?

  • We are very focusing on the niche of software and B2B market.
  • We bring real growth for the startup, that’s driven by multiple factors, from fund raising, leads generation to branding and community management.
  • We help customer in designing the growth pattern.
  • We improve the efficiency of whole business operation cycle instead of just marketing.
  • Most marketing agencies just do not want to serve small business because of low margin and low revenue.


The difference of 100 hours and 10,000 hours.
The ability to think out of box.


Besides the talent pool, we also connect with top media and VCs.


Efficient systems are the secret to grow steady and fast.


The flat fee with "All You Can Eat" Package.

The Growth Hacking Solution That Works For Startup

Our Featured Solutions

Pitch to 1000 VC Executives
in 30 days

No Time to Pitch,
No contact with VC?
Get your project noticed to 1000+ Executives in Top 100 Tech VC Firms.

Prospecting to 2000 Targets
in 30 days

Build customer profile, create list of 2000 targets, customize content of blurbs and reach out individually in 30 days.

Gain 1 Million Impression
& 10K Engagements
in 30 days

Bring targeted online traffic to social media content

Content Creation
in Flat Fee

Unlimited copywriting
Unlimited graphics design
Unlimited explainer Video
in a monthly flat fee.

Flat Fee or Commission or Equity

Our Clients

We’ve Worked With Amazing Startups

The First Pure Proof of Stake Blockchain Platform
DisasterAWARE Enterprise
#1 Global Risk Intelligence Platform
The Best Closed Loop 3D printer
Ecosense Inc.
#1 Radon Detection Company

Our Library

All About Growth Hacking

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Create Attention, Bring Leads, Sharpen Product

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