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Day 1: Helen (Market Research)
In the database we found our targets: 323 investors, 570 influencers and 210K targeted users of our competitor.
Day 30: Alex (Campaign Manager)
In last 30 days, with UpChannels help, we have onboarded 17 KOL, 5 angel investors, 323 users and 21 community developers.
Our Data

Highly Relevant
Contact Database
to Kickstart Your Project

Our two-sided platform aggregates filtered information for Crypto / Web3 users and investors (the TokenStem.com), as well as massive market data to help startups engage with most relevant and enthusiastic audience for your project (data.upchannels.com). 

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B2B Profiles

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B2C Portal

of our flagship portal site: TokenStem.com


The Contact and Audience Database

The Essential B2B Contact & Audience Database, which includes:

  • Funder Database: VCs/Angels, Crypto Investors, Non-Profit Foundations
  • Audience Database: Top 50 Crypto Project Followers, Top 50 Crypto Exchanges Followers)
  • Contributor Database: Global Miners, Global Developers, Global Validators.
  • Amplifier Database: Global Journalists, Media Outlets, Influencers

The Crypto Resources Portal

The most complete directory of crypto/web3 resources in market, updated daily. The searchable database covers 6 main categories of content:

  • Invest: BTC, Altercoin, assets  
  • Earn: mining, staking, airdrop and more.
  • Learn: from beginner to expert
  • Build: protocols, infrastructure, platform and DApps 
  • Use:  DeFi, DApps
  • Play: GameFi, Metaverse and more.
OUR Service

Full Service Growth Marketing for Small & Medium Businesses

True growth marketing is not about creating buzzwords, it means iterating toward Product Market Fit, and building beneficial relationships with early adopters, no matter whether users or investors. 

Content Creation

- Key Messaging
- Graphics and Videos
- Content for Community


- Private VC Pitch
- Investor/Trader Engagement

Business Development

- User/Investor Acquisition
- Competition Intelligence
- Funnel Management

Community Build-up

- User/Investor Community
- Developer Community
- Partnership

OUR Network

Fund, Build, Amplify:
The Community Ready to Help

Join our network and find the projects that align with your passion, bring value and get rewarded. Be part of the Network Effect.

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“Deep industrial insights, dedicated team, and formidable execution.”

"It was not an easy campaign and your team found ways of making it happen so I am grateful to you for that."
Hugo Krawczyk
Principal Researcher / Project Lead
"They are excellent story tellers, who make complicated idea much easier for general audience to catch the key points."
Xiaohan Zhu
"I really appreciate their dedication and quality of work, from content to campaign, from strategy to execution. "
Samson Sun

The Crypto/Web3 Economy Enables
A new Startup Economy


Build a platform to help startup
grow faster with Token Economy


Token economy makes value contribution visible, for all the contributors to the startup, including users, investors, partners, and more. It’s a paradigm shift and create new iteration loop for startups.