Top Crypto TikTok Accounts


Top Crypto TikTok Accounts

In terms of social media, TikTok is the new kid on the block. Here are the top cryptocurrency and blockchain TikTok accounts to follow.


Peformante TikTok Profile Image

Performante focuses on cryptocurrency trading and lifestyle. With 20k followers, he has certainly become of the TikTok’s best cryptocurrency and blockchain accounts to follow.

@performante on TikTok

Brekkie von Bitcoin (BVBTC)

CryptoBrekkie Profile Photo

The fiercely passionate Bitcoin maximalist and artist recently joined the crypto TikTok game.

His Bitcoin art is not to be missed.


Previously known for his Instagram presence, CryptoKang is now on TikTok producing some really great crypto content.

@cryptokang on TikTok

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Logo

The popular YouTuber recently joined TikTok. As one of the first crypto personalities to join the network he certainly has figured out how to create some create content quickly.

His content expands past the boundaries of crypto and he also produces some really great, more mainstream TikToks.

@bitboycrypto on TikTok


CryptoWendyO has an awesome crypto community on Twitter, YouTube, and more. Since joining TikTok she has quickly amassed a huge following. Her content is not to be missed.

@CryptoWendyO on TikTok

The Wolf of Bitcoins

The Wolf of Bitcoins was already super popular on Instagram before taking his talents to TikTok. Wolf was actually the first cryptocurrency TikToker to have a crypto-related post go viral.

@TheWolfofBitcoins on TikTok


The super entertaining podcaster is now on TikTok and has brough his….erm….unique sense of humor with him.

@cryptoeuclid on TikTok


Crypto marketing agency by day. TikTokkers by night. Coinbound is a great account to follow for crypto entrepreneurship and marketing posts.

@coinbound on TikTok

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