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We believe the power of true fans can make or break the growth of a startup. Find the Investors, Developers, Early Adopters and Influencers whose passion aligns with your mission.

53 Influencers, 5 Angel investors, 323 Users and 34 developers have onboarded in last 30 days.
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Driven by the Network

We invite investors, builders, influencers and other partners join our network. Ardent fans help the projects that align with their passion to grow faster, earning rewards for their contribution.

Investor Network

Angels & VC

We share good deals with our Silicon Valley VCs friends, who also introduce projects to us, to help them grow. 

Sometimes, a friendly investor friend, even without funding, would give you advice on the right direction and help you make some new connections.

By helping investors in hunting good deals, they partner with us in helping startups to grow.

User / Builder Network

When User and Builder Come together

The shortest loop to build a cool crypto/web3 is getting them into one chatroom.

We help your project team manage a decentralized project with a virtual centralized way, leveraging online collaboration tools.

In crypto/web3 world, users are mostly investors too, who bring precious feedback and early revenue for the business.

The true network effect is building the advocacy. In order to satisfy more, you need to satisfy a few in the beginning. Then the right token incentive mechanism will do the rest of the job.

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Influencer Network

Amplify the power of Belief

The reason that influencers have followers is their independent and unique opinions. That builds genuine trust, and creates momentum. 

By interacting with influencers, the true value of the project is revealed in an easy and straightforward way for the community to understand and react.

With the help of influencers and fans in different domains, the new application or use case of a product can gain traction faster than ever before.

Exchange Network

Beyond Listing

Getting your project listed is one of our prioritized jobs. By working with exchanges in different regions, we help projects to find the best match between the trader audience and project’s selling points.

Communication management is a crucial step to maintain the market value of a project. This includes addressing HODLers concern, set reasonable expectations and deliver on the promise.

While exchanges bring customers to the project, the project also brings new customers to the exchange. It’s not a zero sum game.  Fortune favors the visionary. 

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