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How we manage project
and collaborate with your team.

By the end of the day,
it’s the execution that matters.

Innovative products deserve innovative marketing, and creative strategies need efficient execution. Our team not only develops high-level strategy, but coordinates all the details to deliver a fully managed campaign. Expert management is behind every moonshot idea.

Strategy meets execution

Planning & Management Model

Expert + PM + Crew

Our Project Roles


Vertical Expert
Strategy Director


Project Manager
Campaign Manager



Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Media Buyer, Video Editor, Narrator, Social Media Evangelist, PR Coordinator, Content Marketer, Event Organizer, Analyst & Technical Roles 

We use top management software to ship early and often.

Our Project Management

We manage large, complex projects - such as product launches and events - that involve multiple teams and skill sets. The Jira Scrum Board is a great way to slice up work related to web development, asset and content creation, design needs, distribution, social network engagement and more, so every project launches on time.

» Clear Workflow

» Plan

Create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and assign tasks across team.

» Track

Prioritize and evaluate team’s work in full context with complete visibility.

» Create a realistic roadmap

Generate a roadmap that reflects your reality by dragging and dropping issues to set timelines, priority, or assign them to parent issues for their execution.

» Keep everyone on the same page

Share updates with the right level of detail to help individual team members see how their work connects to bigger-picture initiatives and provide status updates to management.

» Work comes together in Team File Sharing

Organize all your team’s content, tune out distractions, and get everyone coordinated with the world’s first smart workspace.

» Simple and transparent

All your product updates and deliverables in one easy, accessible platform

Connect people and ideas to move work forward

Our Documents/Knowledge Management

» Keep work organized

Wasting time searching for your most up to date version of a doc? Stay organized by grouping related pages together in a dedicated space that can be accessed by just you or by everyone. Powerful search and structured page trees make sure content is always easy to find and within reach.

» Feedback in context

Speed up the review process and move work forward. Jointly edit pages, give and get feedback via inline and page comments, @mention a team member you need help from, and get more visibility into the decisions your team makes.

Get better insight into your business with time tracking.
With reliable reports on productivity, billed hours & investments

Our Time & Workload Management

» Painless Time Tracking and Timesheet Approvals

Timesheets make time tracking in projects easy and accurate. Give your team options to easily track time, convert Google Calendar activities and plans to worklogs for added value and more productivity.

» Create granular reports based on reliable data

Build granular reports in seconds and drill down on elements of your choosing to get the detailed information you need. Enable managers to review and approve their team’s timesheets, in bulk or individually.

Use the proven OKR framework for achieving goals.

Our Objectives & Key Results Management

» Connect tasks to goals

The OKR management tool enables objective alignment and tracking because its’ right there in the same system.

» 360° feedback

Provide and receive continuous feedback with customizable feedback tags. It could be formal ratings or as informal as ‘You rock!’.

Put collaboration at your fingertips

Our Communication Management

» Bring all communication together

Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together.

» Integration & Notifications

Keep everyone in sync, everywhere with updates on tasks, stories, and requests from your channels.

» Modernized Meeting Solution

Focus on your meeting – not taking notes. Click record in Zoom for auto-generated, searchable transcripts

Share and play videos with full audio and video transmit without uploading the content

Look meeting-ready with Virtual Backgrounds and Touch Up My Appearance

» Powerful Screen Sharing

Share any content, anytime, from any device

More than just Git

Our Code Management


Build quality software with code review.
Approve code review more efficiently with pull requests. Create a merge checklist with designated approvers and hold discussions right in the source code with inline comments.


Deploy often with built-in continuous delivery.
Bitbucket Pipelines with Deployments lets you build, test and deploy with integrated CI/CD. Benefit from configuration as code and fast feedback loops.

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