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CoinStats is an incredibly popular app for tracking cryptocurrency prices and portfolios. The app is available for iOS, Android, Web, Apple Watch, and Mac.


CoinStats boasts several hundred thousand active users per month.

»The Challenge

CoinStats reached out to us looking for help with managing their Twitter account. They recognized the high level of importance Twitter has for cryptocurrency brands but didn’t have the proper expertise or staff to deploy a full strategy effectively.

»Our Approach

After getting a strong understanding of the voice, personality, and target audience of the CoinStats brand, we drafted a strategic approach to increasing the overall reach and engagement of their account.


The strategy included a minimum of three posts per day across a period of several months. The strategy also included a social listening plan to monitor and engage with ongoing events in the blockchain industry and activity from top influencers in the space designed to keep CoinStats top of mind across all the major conversations in crypto. 


The approach blended planned evergreen content across the content schedule as well as ad hoc responses to current events and happenings.


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