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Content Creation, Leads Generation & More

Core Package
Your Virtual B2B Marketing Team

This core package is focusing on business development. By leveraging our expertise on content creation, we create the best content for prospecting and carry out the leads generation campaign in scale.

1. Content creation

  • Copywriting: 5 copies (500 words) or 10 copies (250 words) (including scripts, blogs, articles, etc., depends on the complexity and length) /month
  • Video production: 2 videos per month (Short video, within 1:30mins)
  • Graphics on need base

2. Research and data collection : 

  • Market research, and build a prospect list with 1000 ~ 2000 individuals.
  • Collect the contact information of the prospects. (Email, Social Meda Handles, Phone, etc.)

3. BtoB – Outreach campaign

  • Reaching out to 1500 prospects with 1-on-1 emails and forward replies to the in-house sales team.
  • Reaching out to about 1500 prospects through Linkedin campaign and forward replies to the in-house sales team
  • Influencer or product reviewer outreach and forward replies to the in-house sales team.

4. Monthly regular work

  • Regular posting on Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube – videos, articles, reply messages on need base
  • Blog, Vlog social media management

Starting $5000/month. Conversion Guaranteed!

How do we make it ?

Create Compelling Content

Create result-oriented content, from short explainer videos, testimonials, to one-pagers, and landing pages.

Define Accurate Target

We will convert your customer profile into tags, keywords, titles, function, interest group, company name, company size, industry, geolocation, etc and ultimately the list of targeting individuals.

Reach Out With Compelling Content

We will reach out to the targets individually , but at massive scale, with compelling customized content, and with the best timing scheme, to secure best result. The engagement methods include email campaign, LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook and other social media engagement.

Insightful Personal Interaction

Once the targets are connected and willing to talk. We will initiate more insightful conversation, once they show interest in the product or buying intent, we will hand it over to the sales team.

Start Growing Your Business Now

Create Attention, Bring Leads, Sharpen Product