Marketing cryptocurrencies can be a rocky road due to regulations on promotion and investment. Major advertising platforms including Facebook, Google and Twitter have all, to different levels, restricted ads related to cryptocurrency, especially investment and ICOs. Bounty programs for endorsements are common, but can be hard to measure. Press releases are very effective in building credibility, if your project is considered newsworthy enough to publish.  With all these variables, how do you make sure your ICO gets the attention it deserves?

One of the best ways to reach real, interested investors is through Content Marketing – creating and sharing free content that appeals to your target audience, in order to build trust and communication with them. Unlike your promotional copy, Content Marketing isn’t written with a witty headline and a call to action, but rather delivers relevant and useful information. Of course, the message always ties back to your project, without sounding like a sales pitch.

Your content could include blogs, webinars, podcast appearances, newsletters, posts on Steemit and Medium, or anything else users may find valuable. This is the kind of content people voluntarily seek out and share with others. All of this makes it more searchable, increasing organic traffic.

You don’t have to pay for clicks or impressions for your organic traffic, but creating quality content takes time. Unless you have a dedicated blogger on your team, consider outsourcing content creation. Good marketing is difference between a successful ICO and just another unknown project. Get in touch with UpChannels today to plan your content strategy.