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No time to Pitch, No contact with VC ? Try our Bulk Pitch Plan!

Bulk Pitch Plan
For Fintech & Crypto Startup

Get your project noticed to 2000+ Executives in Top 100 Crypto VC, Starting $5000/month. Conversion Guaranteed!

The Solution You Can Find Nowhere.

How do we make it ?

Build Relevant Targets List

By understand your business and pitch deck, we will build a targeting Crypto VC executive list, with highly relevant tags, keywords, titles, function, interest group, company name, industry, geolocation etc and ultimately the list of targeting individuals.

Reach Out With Compelling Content

We will reach out to the targets individually , but at massive scale, with compelling customized content (Explainer Video, One Pager, Blurbs, Industrial Insights, etc), and with the best timing scheme, to secure best result. The engagement methods include email campaign, LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook and other social medias.

Insightful Personal Interaction

Once the targets are connected and willing to talk. We will initiate more insightful conversation, once they show interest in the project or investment intent, we will hand it over to the CEO of the startup team.

Start Bulk Pitching Now

Start Bulk Pitching Now

Create Attention, Bring Leads, Sharpen Product