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The Founders

They say the best reason to start a company is to solve your own pain point.

Before UpChannels, Steven was a senior director at a Fortune 500 IT company, and a serial entrepreneur for the last 10 years. He lead startups in the hardware, software and service industries in China and the US, including a successful mobile app publishing company.

After moving to Silicon Valley, he was inspired by the area’s spirit of innovation to work on his passion project, a mobile app to help users improve their mental health. He knew his product could benefit a lot of people, but didn’t know how to reach and them. Most marketing and user acquisition agencies offered no services for a startup budget, and the one he eventually hired didn’t take the project seriously.

After some hard time, Steven worked out an efficient and successful marketing strategy and techniques to grow the user base on a very lean budget.

His vision and resources across two countries connect the talents on both sides and leverage their distinct advantages. He seeks to bring this unique and tremendous value to similar startup teams.

Colleen is a digital marketing veteran with a degree in advertising and more than 10 years of experience in the space. 

Most recently, she lead a performance advertising team within an agency, running e-commerce, lead generation and direct response campaigns for some of the nation’s largest advertisers. Prior to that, she gained extensive corporate event planning, public relations and face-to-face marketing experience as part of several in-house marketing teams. Colleen’s mission is to bring that hands-on, collaborative relationship of an in-house marketing department, with the flexibility of an agency.  


When Colleen and Steven connected, they both realized that many of the marketing tactics that enable large companies to succeed were out of reach for most small and medium sized businesses. Not only are they priced out of many agencies’ services, they often don’t have the headcount to handle all their marketing needs in house. 

Together, they founded UpChannels to help businesses of all sizes reach their audience online, offline and on the go.

Our Vision

The Startup is the engine of
Economy Growth

A startup is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. Nor is it necessary for a startup to work on technology, or take venture funding, or have some sort of "exit." The only essential thing is growth.

Paul Graham

Startups are the Real doers

Startups may be small, but they’re some of the most innovative companies around. From breakthroughs in medical technology, sustainability and artificial intelligence, they keep our economy moving forward.

They create more jobs which means more employment, and more employment means an improved economy. Not only that, startups can also contribute to economic dynamism by spurring innovation and injecting competition.

Startups Need Help

Most startup teams know well about product, but lack experience in marketing, management and execution.

With very limited resources, the team is hard at work on the most important thing – building the product. Many lack resources for a full marketing department, or even a full time marketer, to develop growth strategy, implement best practice and manage tasks within a lean budget.

Our Mission

Help Tech Startups Grow Faster

Through our innovative Human Resources Management model, UpChannels enables startups to grow faster and steadier with a virtual team of experts, project managers, and multi-function teammates.

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