Does my business really need a blog?

It’s one of the most common questions clients ask us, almost always with an air of reluctance in their voices. Small business owners have enough on their plates. Maybe they have one marketing manager, who almost certainly wears a few hats as well. Medium size businesses may have a whole marketing department, busy creating branded materials, pouring over website analytics, running Facebook campaigns, planning tradeshows and optimizing email templates. Content creation can easily slip down the to do list.

Recently we published a post on Content Marketing for Your ICO that addressed some of unique challenges in marketing cryptocurrency. For example, the most prevalent online traffic channels restrict advertisements that direct users to invest in what is a still-unknown market. But the benefits of content marketing don’t stop there!

  1. First of all, content marketing is cheap. Anyone who has run a Facebook or Google Ads (FKA AdWords) campaign knows that paid traffic adds up fast. Of course, you can’t do without the massive scale and ROI paid traffic can bring, but you can jumpstart your lean marketing plan with budget-friendly unpaid traffic.
  1. Organic users are better for business. The purpose of content marketing is to draw people in with free content that appeals to them. It builds trust and communication with the people who need you most, those who are seeking out and consuming information about your chosen topic. By creating something of value, you start the conversation in a non-salesy way, so they know your brand is one they can turn to for help, without you asking anything in return.
  1. Valuable content can go viral. When people find something useful to their personal or professional life, they love to share it. Users want to help their friends, so if you can provide true value, they’ll pass it along to their network. Maybe they are just looking for some content to tweet about and build their own reputation as a thought leader!

But what am I supposed to write about?

To answer that question, you need to turn to your customers. If content marketing is all about creating value, then find out what value they are missing. If your customers are always asking your recruitment agency about best hiring practices, write a blog. If they want to make better use of your SaaS product’s reporting feature, host a webinar. If they ask your garden store what to plant in each season, create a calendar infographic.

Our customers ask us whether they really need a blog. We wanted to share some of the top reasons why content marketing is essential to small- and medium-sized businesses.

If you have questions about content marketing or any of the other Services we offer, please get in touch!

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